that could have been my school. that could have been me or my friends. it wasn’t. i feel terrible for the people of Chardon. my thoughts and prayers go out to them. all of them. but if you actually look into the situation, it could have been stopped. he posted that he was going to shoot up the school LAST NIGHT. they should have closed the school down today. it would have saved two lives. and notice, i didn’t say “innocent” lives. the five people shot were bullies. they bullied the shooter to the point were he wanted to kill. so no, they aren’t as innocent as people are making them out to be. sure, it was horrible and he had no right to take away those two lives, but when bad things happen to people, those people might do bad things in retaliation. my point is that i’ve taken my life for granted and today i realized how precious it is. as i said earlier, that could have been me. i’m honestly shaking because of how scared this whole thing has made me. because i know that this could happen to anyone at anytime. think about it next time you go to pick on someone. you never know what they’ll do or what they’re capable of.

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